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XTPACK-Over 10 years experience in compressing valuable materials
The founder and current managing director Mr. Liu Ronghua has constructed the company since 1999. We now globally active and play an important part in the optimal recycling of packaging and other valuable materials.

Baling presses for every application, every material and every individual demand
XTPACK provide you professional baling solution for all kinds of loose materials. Our product ranges are from vertical to horizontal and from manual to automatic for all waste disposal systems and recycling centers.

XTPACK baling presses are based on quality
XTPACK has always adhered to quality principles. In XTPACK plant, motivated and highly-skilled professionals are dedicated to securing the position of XTPACK in home and abroad.

Using XTPACK machines means reducing CO2 emissions, environmental protection
The compact bale size and bale weight allow an optimal loading of the truck and container. That means less space required, save your cost, and less environmental damaging journeys. Up to 85% of truck journeys can be saved by using XTPACK baling presses, which means a corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions.

The future is in our hands
XTPACK produces long-lasting products that play a decisive role in recycling processes and especially for energy efficient. We think far into the future and even for the benefit of our children.

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